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Wise Fox Publishing

Indie publishing company specializing in business, technology and productivity related books. 

About Wise Fox Publishing

Indie Book Publisher

Independent book publisher with a track record of successful book launches and ongoing sales for independent authors. 

Tools to Increase Sales

Expertise in marketing and book promotion along with software and tools to help authors increase sales. 

Audio Books

Wise Fox Publishing provides a range of narrators and tools for producing and marketing audiobooks. 


Are you an author looking to get published? 
Have you got an existing book and are looking to increase sales? 




Wise Fox Publishing has published some of the best selling* books on computers and technology. With a wide range of books on the latest technology trends, you can be sure you are up to the date with the latest in tech. 

*2017 best selling books across various categories for major online retailers in USA, UK, and Italy 


Practical Guides

Wise Fox Publishing focuses on practical guides that can be easily understood and applied. From technology to productivity, all books are structured to provide real world skills that can be used professionally and personally. 


ebooks, Print books and audiobooks

Wise Fox Publishing publishes ebooks, print books and audiobooks across a range of major platforms and online retailers. 

Journals and Planners

Coming soon....

In 2018, Wise Fox Publishing has expanded into Journals and Planners. These are currently in production and are expected to be released in the second quarter of 2018. 


Are you an author looking to get published?
Contact us to discuss how we can help you. 

Contact Us

You can get in contact with us by emailing contact (at) wisefoxpub (dot) com or using the form below:

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